Reality Sports Online is a Revolutionary Fantasy Football League
Manager Software that enables fantasy owners to do the following:
  • Make competitive offers and negotiate multi-year contracts in
    the first-ever Live Online Free Agency Auction Room.
  • Scout players
  • Draft rookies
  • Manage your salary cap
  • Trade players for draft picks
  • Utilize a franchise tag
First-ever auction room with real-time multi-year contract negotiations simulates NFL front office experience
Reality Sports Online (RSO), a new fantasy sports company created by former NFL team personnel, has launched its first product, an online fantasy football platform. Designed to emulate actual NFL front office operations and create a realistic general manager experience, RSO’s fantasy football platform delivers the world’s first Free Agency Auction Room, enabling fantasy team owners to negotiate multi-year contracts in real-time online. Other key features include a rookie draft with slotted contracts based on draft selection, partially guaranteed contracts, a salary cap based on NFL rules and use of a franchise tag. Read More
What is Reality Sports Online (RSO)?
Reality Sports Online is a Fantasy Football Commissioner/League Manager platform that enables Fantasy Owners to manage their team like a professional front office. Designed by former NFL team personnel, Reality Sports Online is More Than Fantasy. RSOReality Sports Online’s first product, its Fantasy Football platform, is now available for 2012 NFL season.

Who is Reality Sports Online for?
Reality Sports Online is designed for the Fantasy elite, those seeking to emulate professional front office operations and a realistic General Manager experience. RSOReality Sports Online is the most sophisticated and realistic fantasy game in existence, but thanks to our revolutionary software, it is delivered through a simple and easy-to-use interface so anyone can play.
Name Type Teams Rules Notes  
League 1 Public 10 View Looking for serious owners only.
League 2 Public 10 View Looking for serious owners only.
League 3 Public 10 View Looking for serious owners only.
League 4 Public 10 View Looking for serious owners only.
League 5 Public 10 View Looking for serious owners only.

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